Lost and Found

It’s 11:00pm and you find a sweet little puppy roaming in the street….what do you do?

Unfortunately, we do not have the space to house lost and found animals. We can, however, scan the dog or cat you found to see if they have a microchip free of charge.

If you have seen a stray that has been hit by a car and choose to bring it to our clinic, you will be financially responsible for its care. If you cannot accept financial responsibility and the animal is suffering, having it humanely euthanized may be the kindest thing to do as opposed to leaving it in the street.

Below is a list of numbers that may give you the assistance you need in the event you do find a stray animal:

Caddo Animal Control              (318) 226-6624    (318) 347-6688

Bossier Animal Control            (318) 741-8499     (318) 741-8496 (after hours)

Benton Animal Control            (318) 965-2781

Haughton Animal Control       (318) 949-9401

Barksdale Air Force Base         (318) 465-4406