Emergency Information

While we can’t diagnose your pet’s condition over the phone nor prescribe medications or give dosages, we can give you some information about what constitutes an emergency that may be helpful.


Any of the items listed can be toxic and potentially fatal if ingested by your pet:

Rat poison                                              Anti-freeze

Ibuprofen                                               Acetaminophen

Human Prescription Drugs                   Over-the-counter Cold Medicine

Xylitol (sweetener)                                Chocolate/Coffee

Grapes/Raisins                                       Onions/Garlic

Many varieties of plants such as Sago Palm, Azalea, and others.

If you suspect that your pet has ingested any type of toxic substance you will need to seek help immediately. There are a number of websites such as www.webmd.com that can give you some specific information related to what your pet has eaten.  If you bring your pet into our clinic for treatment please bring any packaging or labeling for the substance ingested.  The specific ingredients are very important regarding which treatment needs to be administered.  If you are not sure if a substance is toxic to your pet, you may call the Animal Poison Control Center.  Their number is 1-888-426-4435.  There is a $65.00 charge for the call.  For follow up calls, please call 1-888-299-2973.

Another agency is Pet Poison Helpline.  Their number is 1-800-213-6680.  There is a $35.00 charge.